Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuesday the 10th

So yesterday (Tuesday) we accidentally slept in (like 8:20 or so). I felt so good and rested. We woke up to a nice, sunny day (as opposed to yesterday, which was cloudy and rainy a good portion of the day). I guess that Jamie and Jenny's dog caught a rat in the house last night. Nice! Mom and another gal actually saw a rat, so they had the dog in the house over night. Worked like a charm. Right away we went over and helped the kids eat their breakfast. We helped them brush their teeth and spent a little bit of time with them. 8 of the children were scheduled to go to their adoptive families, so it was a bit of a crazy morning trying to get them ready. It was a very emotional day for the long-term staff. The kids were so excited, especially Geff, who is 5, and understands that he is going to his family. He is the only kid his age currently, as all of his friends have already gone to their families. Because of this, he has stayed in volunteer housing, because he gets the fact that he is the only one left. We of course took care of Theo and also had a sick girl come in from the community. The RN, Rebecca, wasn't around, nor was Jamie, because he left with the first group of kids, so Jenny asked ifmom and I would take a look at this malnourished girl. At first they told us she was 2, but her fontanels still hadn't closed (which occur at about 1 year), and later the dad told us that she actually was a little under one. She weight I think 4.75 kilo's (around 10 pounds, I think). She was so skinny, with jaundiced eyes. We told Jenny we thought she could really benefit having extra care. WHen Jamie came, though, he told the dad (the mom recently passed away) that they needed paperwork and to bring her back tomorrow. We also saw a man with a wound on his foot and took care of that and did weights on some of the kids. It's fun getting to know them better. I'm trying to learn their names and spend a little time with each of them. There were a couple of other kids from the community with fevers and one of the little guys was twitching pretty badly and still couldn't sit and walk and was 2 years old. We told her she should take him to the hospital. Obviously something is wrong that is more serious than we can diagnose. It was a great day of getting to know Rebecca better. Jamie and Jenny's little boy has been getting sick a lot, so I figured out an antibiotic to get him started on, since he continues to have very high fevers daily. Other than that, we just helped the kids with their meals, did dishes here in the volunteer housing, helped brush their teeth again at night and made sure Theo was comfortable. For dinner we had an egg sandwich and some chips and salsa (I guess a real treat around here). Theo wasn't as happy last night. He cried quite a bit from 9-12 or so. Finally he fell asleep until about 4. At that time I thought I should check on him and it really didn't look like he was breathing, which of course freaked me out. I ran to get mom, but when she got back he was moving a bit and of course, breathing. He had a bit of a hard time going back to sleep then, but we got a little bit of sleep until 7. That gets us to today, I think Wednesday. I really should have brought my calendar along. I'm already getting lost on what day it is.

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