Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday the 11th

Woke up this morning a bit tired after such a long and crazy night. I got some dish soap and did my laundry in the sink. It's now hanging up drying-I hope it dries quickly! After that, I checked my e-mail and figured out what I would be doing for the morning. Jamie set my mom and I to work cleaning ears. Most of the kids don't particularly like it, some absolutely hate it, and some seem to like it. The ones who really didn't like it seemed to need it the worst, probably because they also don't like their regular daily baths and so, don't get as clean. We got through quite a few of them, but not all of them before they headed down for their naps. I spent a lot of time with a new gal named Mary, who is going to be keeping Theo tonight. She is doing such a great job with him-reading to him and really not leaving his side. We spent quite a bit of time with him and I have loved every minute of it, but we've also been doing a lot of other things throughout the day, so he gets left alone quite a bit. She said he hasn't slept much (maybe because she's been interacting with him so much) so hopefully that will mean a good night sleep tonight for them. Next came lunch, which was so good again. It's been a bit hard for them making enough, since they have no idea how many people will be eating, so there hasn't been much quantity, but that's okay. We haven't needed to supplement too much with our snack foods. After lunch we had a new admission named Jenna. I helped do the initial assessment and gave her a bath. She was very sad to leave her father, but as her mother has passed away (not sure how long ago), he needs help getting her healthy. She is 14 months and only 10 pounds. I keep thinking how many babies I've seen born her size and larger. She doesn't smile and mostly just sits there, although this evening she started picking up cereal. The nice thing is she has been eating pretty well since we got her. She will be staying with us tonight and Theo will be with another gal. She's been taking such great care of him. I just love that little guy. He breaks my heart because he is just so sweet and chances are very good that he won't be on this earth much longer. The only comfort is that he'll be with Jesus soon and you can't get any better than that. I just hate to see him hurting at times. We finished up cleaning ears in the afternoon and our cerebral palsy kids seemed to just love it. I thought we were gonna have quite the time, but they were so relaxed. In the evening we ate dinner and I handed out the meds that some of the kids are on-a task I've recently acquired.It can be quite a trick getting them to take them. I guess that's about all for today. I'm hoping for a bit more rest tonight. Hopefully Jenna will accomodate that :o). I think right now I might get ready for bed and read a little. Actually, a couple of the girls said they were going to watch some Friends episodes, so I think I'll join them. Sounds very relaxing.

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