Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday the 14th

Today is a day off of sorts at COTP. We woke up and got the kids their meds and then decided to go to church. It's a 3 hour ordeal, but since we didn't understand a bit of it, we stayed on 1 1/2 hours. It was pretty small compared to previous weeks, I guess. They sang a bit, had some preaching an offering, pretty much like usual except all intermixed. They sing a song and then preach for a bit, then sing another song, then more preaching and on and on. After getting back, we hung out for a bit reading, etc. for an hour or so then made some lunch. At about 2 we headed to the hospital to check on our boys. Theo hadn't gone back to surgery because another boy in the community with hydrocephalus had the surgery done first and then they were bumped several times for cesarean sections (I know that feeling!). I've been so impressed by the people working at the hospital. Everyone I have met has been so friendly. They love to take time to talk to you about different patients and what the plan is for them. So many doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners have spent time with me, making me feel so welcome. They have really gotten the cream of the crop for workers here. The party for the kids was cancelled because it's been raining cats and dogs all day and it was going to take place outside, but we ended up spending quite a bit of time there anyway (me, Marv, Mary, Kristina and Neil-all short term volunteers who have come to love our little hydro boys as they've been termed at the hospital). Since we were coming to the hospital anyway, we brought along some pediatric walkers, crutches and some boxes of honey nut cheerios, which had been donated to COTP, but had an overabundance of. They were pretty excited to have them. I then went over to talk to Dr. Jolie-an ER pediatrician about possibly seeing another one of our little guys who has been here since July and is 18 months and 10 pounds. He hasn't gained really any weight or grown at all since coming here, despite being fed 3 meals a day. I wonder if their is a thyroid problem or growth hormone deficiency. She said she would love to see the little guy, but would also like another Dr named Brian to take a look at him because he has practiced quite a bit in developing countries. I got to meet Brian later and just like the other people, he was so friendly and helpful. The plan is to bring him in either tomorrow or Tuesday as both Brian and Dr. Jolie will be leaving on Wednesday. I'm hoping they can run some tests to see what's going on with him. I don't think it's just failure to thrive. It's got to be something more. So, another bumpy ride with a baby is in store for us. Speaking of bumpy rides-I don't think I've ever seen so many pot holes in my life! I thought the road I grew up on was bad. Well, there is nothing like this. I kept thinking I need my husband and our old pathfinder and we'd be in for a good time. I also got to spend some time talking with the neurologist who will do Theo and Nick's surgery. He will be leaving in a week, so he is teaching one of the doctors in the hospital how to do the surgery, since at some point they may fail, come apart, or just need to be replaced because of growth. Once again, I was impressed by the spirit of comraderie and teaching. After speaking with the neurologist we took off back home. During the time I was gone, mom helped with snack, made dinner for all the volunteers and took care of Jenna. After I got back, mom and I worked on medications, we ate some spagghetti for dinner and hung out a bit with the other volunteers. Jenna has made some serious leaps this evening. She is waving and even clapping. I've watch Heidi sing "Clap Your Hands" with Ben and Sam and they have loved it, so I gave it a try with Jenna. After going through the song a few times, she has started clapping! You can tell she's pretty pleased and loves an audience. We even got a bit of a smile from her-well a half smile. She will wave at just about anyone and has started playing a bit with some toys today. Mom has done a great job taking care of her. I can't wait until she comes completely out of her shell. She is such a beautiful little baby. I wish I could post some pictures of her. We got her on some worm medication this morning and are wondering if maybe that is why she is already starting to feel a bit better. That about sums up our day here. I'm laying in bed listening to the rain and am reminded of home. This has been such a wonderful experience, but we both look forward to coming home to our loved ones. In one week we will be catching a ride to the states. I can't believe it's half over.

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