Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday the 13th

Today has started out really well. We both got a good nights sleep with Jenna sleeping until about 4 am and going back to sleep after that. She had thrown up quite a bit, so mom got her cleaned up and back to bed. We woke up to some really good news, though. Theo and Nick (the other boy with hydrocephalus) will be seen by a neurologist today, so we have to get them all packed up to go. Nick has had a shunt placed before, but it has failed. I'm not sure if the plan for him is to place another shunt, or just try to get the old one working. With Theo they will see if anything can be done for him. The sad news from yesterday is that the 8 kids that we sent off to Port to be adopted have not left yet. Haiti has declared a national day of mourning (actually, I think 3 days week days total) so everything has been shut down and will not reopen until Wednesday or Thursday. The kids got on a plane last night to return to COTP, but flying over the air strip the pilot decided that it was too dark to land, so they headed back to Port au Prince. Bummer. I feel so bad for Geff especially since he is older and has so anticipated going to his family. Right away after getting up I made my way over to the baby house to give them their meds. I took a couple of them over to a play area where we got out some crayons and a coloring book and spent some time coloring. We headed back to the baby house in time for singing and prayer time. In the early afternoon mom took care of a kid who came with some sort of skin problem on his head-possibly ring worm or some other problem. She also took care of a gal with a bad ear infection. In the meantime we got Nick and Theo all ready to head to the hospital, and since Becca said they would be there for several hours, I borrowed a pair of her scrubs and decided to see if I could make myself of use in the peds earthquake area. On top of all this, the 8 kids from Port showed up. They caught a plane to come back for a few days. One of the little guys is seriously ill with vomiting and diarrhea. The little guys were pretty excited to get out of the car and see all the familiar faces of the nanny's and long term volunteers. It was pretty special, even though it's not the outcome we would have wished for. By about 2:30, after we had eaten lunch, we headed out for the hospital. It's quite the drive as I said with huge potholes and very bumpy the whole way. We were pretty nervous for our little Theo and Nick, but they didn't let out a peep. They actually seemed pretty happy like they enjoyed the ride. As soon as we stepped out of the car, all kinds of medical personnel were taking a look at them and saying "Oh good, they made it!" Everyone was expecting them. They ushered us right to where we needed to go and all the top dogs were there to talk with us about what would happen with them. What an answer to prayer this is. Here with all the earthquake victims I would have thought that they wouldn't have time to see a couple of kids from the community, but the only thing I can figure is that the hospital is so overwhelmed with doctors (I heard 30 more arrived just today) that they are twiddling their thumbs for something to do. Well, maybe it's not that bad. As I think I said on a previous post, it's actually nurses that they've been needing mostly. Anyway, back to the kids, the plan is to place a shunt in Theo tomorrow morning and probably next Tuesday for Nick. We were told that Nick had a shunt previously, but the docs said they found no sign whatsoever of a shunt, so either it had just been a temporary drain, or it failed right away and they pulled it and sent him home. We aren't real sure. He doesn't get to go to surgery for a few days because he was so dehydrated and definitely looks malnourished. Theo, on the other hand, has such a healthy little body, other than the hydrocephalus. I left almost immediately to head to the peds area and got to talk extensively to a nurse practitioner. She gave me the story on several of the kids there. One had something fall on his head, so he had surgery. Still, he isn't able to move the left side of his body and he had a seizure that morning. The mom wasn't even looking at her baby, let alone holding him, so I picked him up and showed her it was okay to hold him. The NP was concerned about her detachment to the whole thing. I was able to help out with a couple of dressing changes and we took care of some items that were donated. I also helped feed a baby for a bit and then I took some time playing connect 4 and checkers with a boy. The kids are just so bored. They really need some entertainment. Many of the kids are healthy enough to leave, but they have casts on and they don't trust them to return to get it removed. That and they worry about infection. So there are many kids who are pretty darn healthy and they have families to take them away, yet they aren't leaving because of discharge problems. A guy from jacksonville newspaper came in and took a picture of me and the kid, named Paul, playing checkers. He took down my info. so maybe I"ll show up in a newspaper in Florida. By about 7, Becca and the gang showed up with all their good news and we headed back to COTP. Apparently Brian and Larry (engineers who deal a lot with systems) were able to talk with the top dog doctor for quite awhile. He sat them down and told them about the situation down there. It is just surprising to me how we've become connected with so many important people. God has provided greatly. It's just an awful situation down here, but I know that he is sovereign and can bring about good through it all. Now I think I'll head to bed, my heart smiling. It looks like I'll be going back to the hospital tomorrow bringing Nick and Theo's medical file to the doctors and checking up on them for Becca because she won't be around tomorrow. While I'm there, I'll probably spend some more time working with the kids in the hospital and also attending a party that I was invited to. Apparently they've thrown a couple of parties for the hospital kids, which I guess are really fun, with the kids trying to dance, etc. I'm going to have to get some video of that! It's nice that they are providing some times of joy amidst all the sadness. Oh, and during this time, mom stayed back at COTP taking care of the kids here, giving them meds, etc. She even took a walk with a few people outside of the compound. She had a great evening, too.
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  1. Hi Sarah (and Celeste) Mike and Kathy here. We're enjoying reading about how our 2 friends are doing serving over there.