Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday the 10th

On to Wednesday. I woke up and headed over to feed the kiddos breakfast. I spent a little time holding and loving on them. For breakfast with had waffles. Some of the crew started cleaning out the depot, but mom and I spent one on one time with the kids. We put them in the swings, in the wagon and just walked and played with them. It was fun to work on getting them smile. With some of them it's easy, with some of them its near impossible. After spending quite a bit of time we started to cleaning. This place is getting a serious work over, which is great, since there aren't a whole lot of kids. Mom cleaned some of the dining room chairs and I cleaned the fridge out. Not exactly my favorite job, but it's so rewarding because it looks so dogon good when it's done. Lunch was so good-Haitian style Mexican with homemade tortillas. I finished the fridge project and then we gave snacks to the kids and played with them a bit more. We've spent a lot of time talking with Rebecca about certain kids and their diagnosis and what might be the problem with them. It's difficult to figure out without the tools needed (blood work, etc.). There is a lot of guess work involved. We of course spent time with little Theo (our roomie) and hung out with some of the other volunteers. Six more came tonight. Let's hope some kids show up. So far it's been fine, but I can't imagine 6 more hands. Jamie has some plans for painting, which will keep us busy for a bit and we may look into volunteering at a local hospital, which is extremely short-handed on nurses. One of the volunteers who left yesterday got supplies for quiche, so we started making dinner for everyone. It was a big project, which kept getting interuppted over little things. Eventually we got it done, though. We had staff/volunteer BIble study (every wednesday) which was really good. SInce there are so many short-term volunteers it was interesting to hear what brought everyone here. We listened to a video I think called Nooma, by Rob Bell. It was really good and something we should totally look into for our small group. The video is pretty short (like 15 minutes or something) and then they provide discussion questions. It was great! I took a shower and got our beds ready. We moved rooms b/c of the new volunteers. We had such a crazy night. 3 of us had just one kid named Jerry. He slept good for 2 hours, but then woke up and did not want to go back to sleep. I finally got him to fall asleep laying on me, and after a while I got him to go back to his bed. However, after heading back to sleep it was so noisy outside. I could hear the rats outside (also in the kitchen) and the dogs were barking like crazy. I had noticed that there was a hole in my window, so I was really nervous about a rat running across me at night. Finally it sounded like there was some noise pretty close so I turned on my head lamp and sure enough, while I was looking at the window I saw a rat run into our room. I sat up and told one of the other gals here, Gina, that a rat just came in the room and went under my mom's bed (who was still sleeping). I didn't want to wake her up and freak her out, but finally I just had to. I heard one of the long term volunteers walk into the kitchen, so I ran out and told her what was going on. We poked around to find the rat and he jumped up on my bed, onto the window sill and out the hole in the window by where my head is at when I sleep. We tried to block the screens as much as possible. It took me awhile to go back to sleep because I wasn't sure if there were actually two rats and not just one. I had seen a rat twice in pretty close succession in two different places, so I couldn't be for sure. By this time it was about 4 in the morning. I did end up getting a little more sleep, so that was good. It's a night I won't soon forget. Tonight, Jamie and Jenny's dog is going to be in the house with us on rat patrol and hopefully some of the men will fix our screens so the rats can come in our room.

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