Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday the 15th

Woke up this morning at the usual time and got ready to head over and see the kids. Gave them their meds and helped feed them breakfast, as usual. Then we had breakfast and headed into Milot again, this time with little Anel. First thing we did was check on Nick and Theo. Theo had his surgery last night as and seemed to be doing alright, though pretty drowsy. He's been eating and they said the surgery went well. I'm a bit sad that chances are he won't come back home by the time we head for home. Maybe I'll get to see him in the hospital later on in the week, though. We then got to see Dr. Brian, who took a good look at Anel. I think I've mentioned it before, but he's 18 months old and can't even sit by himself. He eats fairly well, but is only 10 and a half pounds and his head circumference is about the size of some baby's at birth. He's been at COTP for about 7 months and has only gained 3 pounds (he was 7 pounds at 1 year old!). He's gotten a bit stronger and is rolling over, but not doing much more. The pediatrician who has experience working in other developing countries said he would guess that he had some major oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery and has profound neurological delay across the board. His muscle tone is super weak as well. He's not real sure why he wouldn't be growing because of that, but suggested we check his thyroid levels and some other labs. The best part is he is going to write an official letter saying he feels that he should get a medical visa to the US. This is great news, since he could get regular physical therapy appointments and better nutrition in general in the united states. Oh, I remembered a story that a doctor told me about a father who carried his son (who I believe was either pre-teen or young teenager) all the way from Port Au Prince in his arms. His son has a broken pelvis and it took him 3 weeks to make it. Can you believe that? Well, after getting back to COTP I spent some time kicking the soccer ball with some of the older kids. I helped them out with dinner, then getting ready for bed. They all get several baths a day-one being just before they put on the PJ's. We had a bit of a wrestling match after they got in their PJ's and that was fun. Lots of giggling and tickling. We just had a dinner of mac and cheese and I think we'll head to bed soon. It's super early, but oh well.
Over half way over.

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