Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday the 19th

Today has been another fairly busy day. As I've become fairly familiar with the hospital over in Milot I've become the errand girl-especially since Becca has gone. I really miss having her around. She's become a great friend. I headed out there again with Rikkens today. We have nannies staying with the boys in the hospital. One stays for 3 days solid and then she is replaced by another one. It sounds pretty crazy to me, since any sleep she gets is in an uncomfortable chair or maybe on a hard bench, but I guess they must not mind. Anyway, we brought a new nanny in to replace the old one. We also were hoping to bring Theo home with us. Apparently we are on Haitian time, cause when we got there (about 11:45) the nurse who has cared for the boys the past several days told me the nuerosurgeon really wanted to speak with someone from COTP, so when I finally tracked him down (about 12:20), he said he couldn't meet until 1:00. Well, by I think 1:30 I caught up with him and then he had to run to get his lunch. He asked me to come along with him and since he was going to be leaving the next day for the states I decided I had better. He gave me discharge instructions while he ate and then when I told him I needed to head (I was really feeling bad for my driver by this point, having to wait well over 2 hours) he said he wanted to give me some paperwork. I don't know why being late stresses me out, especially when it affects others. Oh well. It was an interesting conversation regarding healthcare in Haiti, especially since the earthquake. He's an Indian man and he talked a lot about cultural sensitivity (specifically in regards to the missionaries that took those kids out of the country). Finally after getting the paperwork electronically, I ran out to the car where Rikkens and the nanny had been waiting. After getting back I ate a late lunch and watched Gina while mom took care of some more people from the community with health problems. Before the sun went down, 5 of us ladies also went on a nice walk down the road. What a nice evening it was! I was able to get some great pictures. Tonight I went out and hung out with a couple of the older kids while they watched Shrek. It's starting to hit home that we only have 1 full day left here. Leaving the kids is going to be difficult even though I am ready to go home and see my husband and family. Tomorrow I'm going to spend as much time as I can with the children. Hopefully if they do ask me to go to the hospital again to pick up Theo, it won't be a 4+ hour deal!

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