Friday, February 19, 2010

Thursday the 18th

It was another very rainy day today. We got up and helped with the kids, then after our own breakfast, Jamie asked me if I would head in to Miloh again to check on Nick and Theo and also to pick up some supplies that Dr. Brian wanted to give us. One of the Haitians that works for COTP took me in to the hospital. I wish I knew the mileage in to Milot-it is maybe 5 to 10 miles, possibly even less and it took us 1 hour to go one way. The pot holes are just killer and I'm not sure the vehicle we took had any shocks. Still as we were driving I was thinking of how amazing and strange it was that I am in Haiti. When we got to the hospital I check in on the boys. They look to be doing pretty well. It sounds like Theo might be able to come home tomorrow and Nick the next day. The nurse there pointed out another hydrocephalus boy that just got there from Port who puts Theo to shame. 81 cm head circumference. I honestly couldn't believe it. The poor little baby. I sure do hope that the quality of his life improves after his shunt is placed. I also got to see the girl with the eye infection again. She looks so much better. The swelling was almost completely gone, but all around her eye it looks like there is necrosis or something. It's completely black and hard to the point that they can't even look at her eye yet to see if they will be able to save the eye. From the outside it's not looking good. It almost looked as though there was a plastic patch covering her eye. After getting back I spent more time in the depot sorting some of the new things that had come in that day. It's very quiet around here as 4 more of the short-term volunteers left today. Tomorrow will be even quieter because 5 of the kids will be leaving in the morning with yet another volunteer. Geff finally gets to go home to his family. Debi, who is a missionary from the Bahamas here to help out for awhile, taught Jeff the song "Tomorrow" last week. It was so sweet to hear him sing "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, your only a day away!" in his Haitian accent. I got a nice little video of it. I'm going to miss him a lot. He's boosted all of our self esteems by always telling each of us "You're so cute" and "You're so smart!" His new family is going to love him-I just hope they have the energy to keep up with him. It's funny the bitter-sweetness of it all. I've only known Geff for less than 2 weeks and I feel so sad that I'll never see him again. Yet, it's such a happy thing. He cannot wait to meet his family. When you ask him where he's going tomorrow, he says "Home." It brings tears to my eyes to think a little 5 year old has never had a place that he can call home. All for now. I'm beat and going to bed.

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  1. Yeah Geff is going home!! You don't have any idea how excited that makes me! Geff was one of my favorites and that little boy wanted to leave so bad! How is Christine doing? She stayed with us when she first came in and I miss her too! Sounds like your having fun! Can't wait to see your pics!