Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday the 12th

Today is Friday and I can't believe that time has gone by so fast. been gone for almost a week already. I woke up this morning feeling very rested and ready to go in and see the kids. Unfortunately I definitely have a favorite. His name is Rivaldo and he has just learned to walk. When I walk in he stands up and with his balance definitely not great, he makes his way to me with a huge grin on his face. The best part about Rivaldo is his laugh. He has a low pitched little giggle and if you really get him going by tickeling him or throwing him around a bit he just screams with excitement. It'll be really hard to say bye to him. I started the morning with a shower and then got the meds ready to give the kids. The biggest challenge is giving the meds to our two kids with CP. Sometimes it seems that half of it goes dribbling down their face, and some of them are pretty important, like anti-seizure meds. Oh well. Lord, protect them. I'm so happy for them because they both have families working to adopt them. The neat thing about COTP is that all the children will leave by at least 5 years old. They are either adopted, or reunited with their families after getting more healthy and fattened up. Rebecca, a nurse who lives at COTP, had an errand that she needed to run at the hospital in Milan, so she took my mom and I along for the ride. Because we've lost so many kids we've considered seeing if we can work in that hospital, which is overrun with earth quake victims. To give you an idea of how busy they are, they are a hospital with 40 beds. They currently have around 400 patients that they are taking care of. What an experience it was to go there. We mostly just saw the peds ward, but just walking around, we saw numerous people being moved via stretcher with pins in their legs and other such things. We saw a couple of gals that we flew into cap with. They are working at the hospital. We were told that they could use us, so if things get really slow here at COTP, we may work their for a day or two. The main part of the hospital is seeing the very sick "non-earthquake" patients and then there is another area for solely earthquake victims. Walking into the peds area was heartbreaking. So many children have amputations. I think of how their life will be just living with an amputation and then to compound that, many of them are orphans or have lost many family members. And they are definitely short on workers. One little boy who is probably around 2 has no family. The brother of another patient has been caring for him. He looks to be a young teenager, but he has been holding him, loving on him, tucking him in a night and he's never even met this boy before. Everyone is just having to pitch in and help where it is needed. Another boy with pretty significant injuries was found alive under 4 dead bodies. It's just packed to the brim with patients lining the hall ways. The earthquake peds area is just a big room with matresses all over and little walkways so people can get around. I can't imagine it getting any busier, but the helicopters just keep arriving. In many ways I'd love to be of assistance there, but we've actually stayed very busy at the orphanage. WIth the hospital being so busy, they aren't seeing anybody else unless it is an emergency, so people are showing up at COTP for assistance. For example, today we helped bandage up a couple of kids that got in a dirt bike accident. One kid lost a pretty good chunk of meat off his leg, so we cleaned it up and bandaged it up real good. I'm hoping it doesn't get infected. We told him to come back so we could look at it again and change the dressing. Back to Milo-while we were there Rebecca, or Becca as most people call her, took us up to see old ruins of a castle. It was just so beautiful. It must have been glorious back when it was in use. The view is unreal and the architecture is pretty stunning-being there you forget you are in Haiti. As Becca said, if this was in Europe, people would pay big money to come and see it. After that, we headed down the hill to pick up the gal who needed the prescription and took off back to COTP. After getting back I was able to spend some time with the kids and also tried to get their prescriptions ready for tonight. Unfortunately there is no machine to dispense the medications. After getting them all ready, I ran over to the baby house to give them to the kids. Now mom and I are winding down and getting ready for bed. Jenna is sound asleep and has had an okay day. She's been eating fairly well and I almost got a smile out of her-not quite though. Mostly she's just a little blob. That sounds really bad, but she just has no expressions. She puts two of her fingers in her mouth and cries only occassionally when my mom sets her down. We'll crack her though, I'm sure. That pretty much sums up our day. It was an eye-opening experience. One that I will never forget.

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